Inspired by Ghana

Created in Kent


Our logo carries the emblem of a bird looking backwards. This is the "Sankofa" bird. An "Adinkra"symbol of the Ashanti people of Ghana which symbolises going back to reclaim the past in order to move forward.

KORKO is an artisan African food brand.Our food products are created using modernised handed down traditional Ghanaian and African recipes. 




Our Story

Where possible, we source our key ingredients from Kent where we are based to promote local trading and from Ghana to guarantee authentic flavours and taste.

Our products are made with authentic flavours

Too good to keep to yourself


Taste Exquisite Africa today, with our interesting            selection of produce. 

                   Inspired by Ghana

                   Created in Kent

Address: Innovation Centre, 9FD, Maidstone Road, Bluebell Hill, Chatham, ME5 9QP

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