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Our Mission

At KORKO, we make exquisite African inspired non-alcoholic beverages here in the UK. Our products are made with a combination of passed down recipes and drawn inspirations from ingredients and flavours from Africa. KORKO’s drinks are perfect for sharing, gifting and for a self-treat and using as mixers. Allow us to take your taste buds on an authentic journey to Rediscover the exquisite taste of Africa!!
Cocktail Making

Delicious Cocktails / Mocktails

Our drinks serve well as mixers too. Let your imagination run wild with recreating different cocktails and mocktails with KORKO drinks.

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Sober Living

Thinking of a fresh start, look no more, find delicious surprise in every sip with our interesting range of alcohol-free drinks. (Just a glass of red pomegranate drink).



Looking to celebrate with family and friends? Leave your guests with lasting sensory indulgence and experience for any occasion.


Exquisite Gifts

Exciting mix and match our produce for unique food gift items for Cooperate perks and rewards, to say “Thank you”, celebrate occasions, promote diversity, awareness and social responsibility, and make positive environmental impact.

Our promise to society

Occasionally we donate our drinks to local foodbanks and cancer charity to support the needy in society. KORKO has also joined hands with WWF to contribute towards the championing of preservation of wildlife and deforestation in Africa and the rest of the world.

“For if we take care of the world we live in, the world will also take care of us.”
By Founder KORKO Lartey

What better way to enjoy your drinks knowing you are indirectly contributing towards making the world a better place for society and future generations.

Loved By

Bruce McMicheal

Writer, Food Educator, Podcaster 

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(Culinary Consultant ) 
Chef Consultant | Ritz Club @ The Ritz Hotel | The Palm, Belgravia | Park Lane Club

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