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Sugar Free drinks

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A northern and southern Africa Inspiration

Pomegranate is one of the world most ancient fruits well known for its health benefits. In Africa, it is mainly cultivated in the Northern and Southern regions.

Taste Profile

Our no sugar Pomegranate drink is bottled with all the natural goodness of the pomegranate fruit. It is the perfect alcohol-free alternative for if you are looking to go sober.

Serving notice

Best served chilled. Make delicious cocktails of your choice and sit back and enjoy.


A northern and southern Africa Inspiration

Ginger has long been a traditional remedy in African culture for thousands of years. Made with organic ginger, apple and ginger on the palate, gently combine with secret spices with a touch of lime and a warm chilli finish. Perfect on the rocks with your favourite cocktail.

Bottle size, shop now, select 12 bottles.

African Pineapple

A northern and southern Africa Inspiration

Not your everyday Pineapple drink. KORKO’s African Pineapple drink is made with a unique pass down the recipe. It is light, non-tangy, refreshing and a popular choice by many. Bottled with all the goodness of pineapple has a very genuine taste and is well-balanced. Rediscover this beautiful one-of-a-kind pineapple drink today. Best served chilled with and can add to your favourite cocktail.

Bottle size, shop now, select 12 bottles.

Cane Sugar drinks

Ginger and Lemon Strong – Drink hot or cold

An all year seasonal drink for hardcore ginger lovers, to keep you on top of your cold and specially warm any time. Excite your taste buds with the perfect kick after each sip with this authentic, traditional, strong gingery and lemony drink. KORKO’s mouth-watering ginger and lemon drink is uniquely crafted with infusion of spices and tart fruit layers which will make you keep coming back for more and more. Serve chilled on rocks or heat up in a pan and drink warm from a mug to shake up your mood. Perfect mixer for your cocktails and mocktails.

Bottle size, shop now, select 12 bottles.

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