Delicious Artisan African Drinks  and dry Spice rubs

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Our Story

Our logo depicts a West African "Adinkra" symbol, which is a "Sankofa" bird looking backwards. It symbolises taking something valuable from the past and using in the present or for the future. That is what KORKO stands for, rediscovering African recipes and turning them into fine artisan food and drink products.


Authenticity and uniqueness is at the focus of what we do hence the reason why each product range is solely created with a special in house recipe. At KORKO we take all food lovers on a gastronomic journey to discover the authentic, colourful and beautiful flavours and culinary taste of Africa.

We also produce, Jams, biscuits and spices which we occasionally sell at food fairs across Kent.

Create beautiful cocktails with our drinks anytime.
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Fruity Cocktails

What is Suya? Read more....
Try other ways to use it in tips below

Chicken Bacon Veggie Bake

In a hurry to fix a quick dinner? Wrap bacon strips round chicken drums. Add sliced carrots, onions, and any other vegetables of your choice. Sprinkle KORKO's Suya seasoning of your choice. Cover with foil and bake till cooked. Serve with boiled potatoes, rice or pasta.

Roasted Suya Salmon Steak with Salad

Make your fish dishes more exciting! Sprinkle your Lemon & Herbs Suya seasoning on your fish and grill/ roast/ barbecue or shallow fry.

KORKO's Vegetarian Suya Kebab

Skewer together mushroom, halloumi cheese or torfu with sliced sweet peppers and courgettes. Finish with a sprinkle of KORKO's Suya seasoning and barbecue /grill. Torfu tends to be sticky on a grill so it is best to oil your grill before cooking.

KORKO's Smokey Meat Suya on Lamb

Mouth watering roasted lamb with KORKO's Smokey Meat Rub. Try for your self today.

KORKO's Suya Chicken Breast Kebab

Skewer cube cuts of chicken breast, with cherry tomato and onions. Sprinkle on KORKO's Lemon & Herbs Suya and shallow fry. Enjoy with creamy risotto / pasta, couscous or quinoa salad.

KORKO's Suya Christmas Turkey

Add a summery delightful Suya taste to your christmas bird. Mix our KORKO's Sweet and Smokey Chicken Suya to a handful of soft butter and spread on both outside and inside of your bird of choice. Marinate for minimum 20 minutes or overnight where possible before roasting. Taste Exquisite Africa at Christmas.

Sweet and Smokey Chicken Wings

Sprinkle our Sweet and Smokey Chicken seasoning on chicken wings. Barbecue, grill or roast till cooked to your preference.

BBQ Spit Roast

Oil your meat prior to applying seasoning. Marinate for minimum 20 minutes. Grill, bake or barbecue till ready.

Our products are made with authentic flavours. Too good to keep to yourself


Rediscover African Recipes today, with our interesting selection of produce.